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Vebe Technology AB

The most effective solutions for bag filling, pallet loading and bag emptying

With wide-ranging expertise in design and an understanding of customers' requirements in different industries, we can offer you unique solutions based on your specific requirements for bag filling, pallet loading bag emptying and handling of powders and granules.

Want to know how the market's most efficient bag filler, pallet loader and bag discharger...

...can help you to become more competitive and increase your income?
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You get with our solutions for bag filling and bag emptying:

  • Swedish manufacturing
  • Best service on the market
  • Leading-edge bag filler, pallet loader and bag discharger
  • Pallet loader with unique gripping tool for shorter cycle times and higher payloads
  • Upgradeable solutions
  • Hygienic design and
  • Dust-free solutions


Newsletter 2/2015 out for download

Read among other things about our flexible bag filler for vegetables and root crops.

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Newsletter 1/2015 out now

Read among other things about our focus on exports and about an important order in Eastern Europe.

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Customer case

Flexible bag filling solution for vegetables and root crops

Johnny Persson på Magnihill, Helsingborg

For Magnihill, located outside Helsingborg, the solution was a complete bag lling line from Vebe Teknik. Johnny Persson, production manager at Magnihill, is very pleased with the collaboration.

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