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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

The most effective solutions for bag filling and bag emptying through continuous development and passion for our work.

With wide-ranging expertise in design and an understanding of customers' requirements in different industries, we can offer you unique solutions based on your specific requirements for bag filling, bag emptying and handling of powders and granules.

You get with our solutions for bag filling and bag emptying:

  • Swedish manufacturing
  • Best service on the market
  • Leading-edge, flexible products
  • Upgradeable solutions
  • Hygienic design and
  • Dust-free solutions

Our focus has been on handling powder and granulate products ever since the company was set up in 1921. It has given us both a breadth and depth of knowledge of powder and designs.

Only with a high level of knowledge, continuous

Bar with 90 years on itdevelopment and passion for our work have we been able to develop the most effective solutions for bag filling and bag emptying.

The results benefit our customers on a daily basis.

Want to know how the market's most efficient bag filler and bag discharger...

can help you to become more competitive and increase your income? Contact us.

Besides that our solutions are cost-effective (short pay-off), we can also help with financing or leasing.