Bag closure

We sell and service sack closing equipment for plastic, paper and combined materials.

Sealer for open bags

Autoseal - a complete semiautomatic sealer for open bags

Suitably for:

  • Bags filled with granulates or powder that shall be completely sealed.


  • Vacuuming with filter rod in stainless steel.
  • Active cleaning of inner line before heat sealing.
  • Heat sealing of the bag with temperature controlled impulse heat sealer, for best result.


  • Manufacture in stainless steel.
  • Refilling with nitrogen for reduction of rest oxygen.
  • Integration with Manpac semi-automatic sack filler.
Semi-automatic sewing machine

Semi-automatic sewing machines for manual bag closing

Combined with balancer a more effective sealer.

Sewing machine Model 100/200

Sewing machine Model 100/200

Fully automatic sewing machine for industrial use, encapsulated with continuous oil lubrication.

Svets planfolie


Heatsealing of plastic bag by weldingA variety of designs are available, such as

  • Hot air welding
  • Impulse welding
  • Impulse
Bag closure TOS 3000-SL

The TOS 3000-SL is designed to be used where the customer requires to seal the poly or aluminium inner liner inside a paper bag and to   put a tape over the top of the bag to prevent ingression of contaminants when using paper outer bags with inner liner.