Bag handling

After handling of filled bags, for palletizing.

Säckhantering med pulver eller granulat

Bag mangle

By using pressure and vibration provides bags of powder with the right shape.


Vibrating belt conveyor

Used when the bag is filled with granulating products.

Bag marking

Bag marking

Inkjet printer or online adhesive label printer for labeling of filled bags.

Metal detector for bags
Metal detector for bags

For bags with metal free zoon. The metal detector detected effectively impurities in the filled bags.

Belt conveyor

For transporting bags of varying length and width.

Curves for bag handling


Powered roller conveyor curve with conical rollers is often a good way to solve the layout.

Flexible conveyors Ambaveyor

Flexible conveyors

Can sometimes be the most effective way to transport sacks in difficult layouts.