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Close cooperation for modernisation of two packing lines

Jan Valdemarsson at Lantmännen Lantbruk about the cooperation with Vebe

When Lantmännen Lantbruk wanted to renovate its two packing lines for livestock fodder, they chose to work with Vebe Teknik AB. Today, Lantmännen are operating two Autopac 2.20s.

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Modern packaging line tripled the capacity

Personal at Caldic in front of the new packaging line

The personnel at Caldic's operation in Knislinge in Skåne were involved in the design of the company's new Autopac 3.28 bag filler line. Their participation has meant that they are now more engaged in the everyday work of making improvements.

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Flexible bag filling solution for vegetables and root crops

Johnny Persson på Magnihill, Helsingborg

For Magnihill, located outside Helsingborg, the solution was a complete bag lling line from Vebe Teknik. Johnny Persson, production manager at Magnihill, is very pleased with the collaboration.

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Important order in Eastern Europe

Maxym Tyutyunnik, chief engineer at Roshen, Ukraine

Vebe Teknik is participating in the start-up of a new factory in Ukraine. Tetra Pak selected Vebe’s Autopac 5.44 bag filler to handle the packaging in the Roshen chocolate group’s factory.

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Flexible bag filler meets the right hygiene requirements

Lisa Trolle, Product Manager at Saltå Kvarn

Vebe is a good supplier. They listen and then suggest the right solutions and customize them just for our business. We have had a very good cooperation throughout the process, says Lisa Trolle, Product Manager at Saltå Kvarn in Järna, Sweden.

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Packaging line provides increased capacity at Culinar

Emiel Eggenkamp from Culinar AB, Fjälkinge, Sweden

At Culinar plant in Fjälkinge outside Kristianstad, Southern Sweden, mixes spices after more than 2500 different recipes. This sets high demands on flexibility and last spring has two brand new packaging lines been installed.

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