Pallet loader - palletizing robot, portal robot, platform loader

As a supplement to our bag filling machines we also have a wide range of pallet loaders with capacity up to 1600 s/h.

The palletising robot has a unique construction with a linear movement.

Palletising robot

  • The robot has a unique construction with a linear movement.
  • Designed especially for loading and unloading pallets up to 1600 c/h.
  • With over 10,000 units for palletising, the robot has unique knowledge of handling pallets with robots.
  • Rotor arm in aluminium with low rotational inertia, which is a prerequisite for speed.
  • The large operating range produces great flexibility in, for example, loading multiple pallets, handling sheets etc.
  • Central lubrication is an example of the care taken with the robot's function and simple handling for the operator.
  • The brake energy is condensed and utilized as acceleration energy, which also contributes to the robot’s low energy consumption.
  • Simple programming via a hand device where a choice can be made between operating manually to the pick-up position and loading position respectively or utilizing preset menus.
  • A wide range of lifting and gripping equipment, as well as vacuum devices, means that there is a suitable tool for every particular need.

Can be equipped with:

  • Lifting equipment
  • Automatic pallet handling
  • Sheet handling kit