Close cooperation for modernisation of two packing lines

Lantmännen Lantbruk’s bag filling plant with a Autopac 2.20 bag filler
Lantmännen Lantbruk’s bag filling plant with a Autopac 2.20 bag filler to pack many different types of feed in bonded seal, pinch bags.

Close cooperation for modernisation

When Lantmännen Lantbruk wanted to renovate its two packing lines for livestock fodder, they chose to work with Vebe Teknik AB. Today, Lantmännen are operating two Autopac 2.20s.

Lantmännen Lantbruk’s sack plants in Falkenberg and Västerås pack and pallet livestock fodder for pigs, hens, cows and horses. The fodder in various forms is packed into 20-kilogram sacks that are forwarded to store chains and local associations.

When the company decided in 2015 to renew its sack range, both in terms of appearance and function, it was realised that they also needed to modernise the bag fillers.

“It was a bit like starting again on a blank sheet. We looked for a machine that could dose many different fodder materials in a type of sack we had never used before,” Jan Valdemarsson, Technology Manager at Lantmännen Lantbruk, says.

The company examined solutions from German, Italian and Swedish companies. The choice finally fell on Vebe Teknik AB.

“Vebe is at the cutting edge when it comes to the technology for bag llers and pallet robots. One important reason for us was the availability of service. Vebe Teknik is centrally located in the country and their staff can be onsite with us with- in just three hours,” Jan Valdemarsson says.

Bonded pinch bags

For a couple of years, they have worked with Vebe to develop a bag filler line that handles different types of materials dosed into bonded, so-called, pinch bags. The pinch bags provide both better sealed and better looking packs than the valve bags used previously.

For Vebe Teknik, there were several challenges, including how to handle the variation in the fodder materials.

“Lantmännen Lantbruk packs everything from 8 millimetre fodder pellets to heat-treated flour products. One of the challenges we faced was meeting the requirements for both high exibility and high efficiency,” Joel Tapper, sales rep at Vebe Teknik, says.

“This has been a very enjoyable project and it is always rewarding to work closely with a customer,” he says.

Jan Valdemarsson is also pleased with the cooperation and especially the commitment from Vebe Teknik.

“The efforts they have made are unbelievable. Vebe has been firmly resolved the entire time to deliver what they promised,” he says.

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