Complete system for sacked products

Anders Larsson, Factory Manager, with a remote in his hands standing in front of an bag filler
Teknosan has today two Autopacs split into two separate bag filling lines.

Reliable, robust and easy to use - bag filler for flexible handling

Teknosan in Vänersborg specialises in producing animal feed to order. Their customers include all types, from farmers and trotting trainers to major corporations.

”We are totally customer oriented. This means that we produce and pack very many different batches and recipes,” says Ruben Falk, who is the marketing manager and also coordinates the company’s investments and purchasing.

In the Vänerborg factory, they presently have ve production lines for animal feed. Because Teknosan is speci cally focused on supplying animal feed in bags, they have developed, together with Vebe Teknik, two complete bag filling lines, tailor-made for the factory’s needs.

”Vebe’s machines are reliable, robust and easy to use. We are constantly changing the contents and the bags. One operator can look after eve- rything and, in practice, all that needs to be done is change the packaging and start up again. It takes no time at all,” Ruben Falk says.

Presently, they have two Autopacs split into two separate bag filling lines with conveyor belts and pallet loading robots. Everything is controlled from one computer.

”For us, service and support was very important when we decided to cooperate with Vebe Teknik. The machines are Internet connected and Vebe monitors us online, if anything should happen.”

Bag filler Autopac EC for better shelf-life

Teknosan’s latest investment is in an Autopac EC, the third generation bag filler from Vebe, which can suck the oxygen out of the bag and replace it with, for example, nitrogen for longer shelf-life, or carbon dioxide to prevent the growth of mould.

”We also have a smaller manual packing machine that we can hook on to the system when, for example, we need to deliver bags of powdered milk.

Mats Lindgren, sales manager at Vebe Teknik, thinks it is wonderful to see the way their bag fillers can function in so many different ways.

”We are very proud of the Autopac’s versatility. We like the challenge of putting together the best solution together with the customer to match their particular needs.”

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