Our bag filler improved the delivery flow at Carlfors Bruk

Bag filler at Carlfors Bruk with 2 workers at it
Carlfors Bruk in Huskvarna has today 2 Manpac bag fillers from Vebe Teknik.

Carlfors Bruk entrusted us to modernise its packaging flow for aluminium flakes.

Carlfors Bruk, with its fine old traditions, was founded in Huskvarna in 1898, and it is one of only a few factories in northern Europe that manufactures flaky aluminium powder for use in, among other things, lightweight concrete, metallic paints and explosives. In recent years, the company has been in an intensive investment phase, to increase the volumes and improve the efficiency. A new factory has been built and today they deliver aluminium materials to customers worldwide.

The need to modernise also means that they have started to investigate the options for phasing out the heavy tin and plate barrels and replacing them with more lightweight packaging solutions.

“We ship our products all around the world, and the weight of the packaging is a major part of the delivery. Plastic sacks mean our customers receive more of the materials for the same money,” Fredrik Målberg, Factory Manager at Carlfors Bruk, says.

The company contacted us in order to develop jointly a packaging solution

“We had never packaged our aluminium flakes, in powder form, in sacks before, so we had some misgivings. Nevertheless, Vebe Teknik, which has great expertise in packing powders, took the challenges seriously and tested everything. Once we were well underway, we were both convinced that it would work out well.”

Two Manpac bag fillers and one Autoseal

Today, Carlfors Bruk has two combined Manpac bag fillers as well as an Autoseal, which evacuates the air and seals the sacks. Two product groups are packed per shift, and the packaging line is managed by one or two operators.

“Our hope for the future is that we will be able to increase the volumes we pack in sacks” the Factory Manager, Fredrik Målberg at Carlfors Bruk, says.

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